Thursday, June 14, 2007

I Heart the Nineties

I have just discovered the joy that is the radio stations on Itunes. Bored with the million songs on my computer I recently decided to venture over to the radio button. And there I found the best thing ever: The 90's Station.

I heart 90's music.

Right now I’m listening to Color Me Badd’s “I Wanna Sex You Up”. God, this is art with a hip hop beat. It never fails to amaze me that I can remember every word to every song recorded in the 90's, yet I can’t begin to tell you anything about say, chemistry or American history. All of this stuff went into my brain in the 90's. Only “I Wanna Sex You Up” remains. Maybe if chemistry had a hip hop beat.

See, the 90's were really the first decade that I listened to current music. I grew up during the 80's, but tragically the only music I listened to during that decade was my parents’ music. Which is why the 50's Station is just about as exciting to me as the 90's station. When I saw the musical "Jersey Boys" earlier this year it was me and a theater full of retired people cheering the songs of our youth. It appears that cool left me before I even hit puberty. I never had a chance.


tornwordo said...

I'm more of an 80's guy. My parents said they CRIED all through Jersey Boys. Cried? I asked. Apparently the songs moved them into a tear inducing reverie.

Patricia said...

maybe you were so cool, your coolness actually lapped itself and you only thought you lost it.

or maybe you're just a 20 something girl who loves her some sock hop tunes.

Chunks said...

Okay, I noticed in your vlog that you had a PINK I love the 80s T-shirt and that you didn't know Q-bert. Yet you really love the 90s. I love the 80s and the pink t-shirts and I know who Q-bert is. Therefore, I think you should send me the 80s t-shirt and I will try to find you something random here in the north country. Maybe a set of mukluks or something.

You don't even have to wash the t-shirt, as I'm sure it's still in your laundry. :)

Stephanie said...

Seriously you freak me out sometimes. My friend and I were literally just talking about the wonders of Color Me Badd yesterday (Remember the great 90210 episode).

And I know exactly how you feel about oldies since I went to a Frankie Avalon concert in Las Vegas and the lady next to me had an oxygen tank. And while I think it's the coolest thing to have a picture w/ Frankie. Most people ask, "Is that your father?"