Wednesday, June 20, 2007

I Like Talking Better Than Writing

I know I’m supposed to be a writer, and that you are supposed to write on blogs. But damn if it isn’t easier to just hold up the camera and ramble on.

Tonight, mom rambled with me.


Dean said...

It's the new Dynamic Duo! You guys are awesome! I had no idea there was such a large dog park in this area.

By the way...give your Mom the royalties. It was well worth it.

Patricia said...

you and your mom are too cute. and nola's pretty adorable, too. i got a little nauseous bouncing around in the car like that. cracking the window a little would be much appreciated.

tornwordo said...

The apple didn't fall too far from the tree, lol. And I'm reminded again how great you would be at standup. The whole bit on the "don't yell at the dog while it's pooping" and the wry admission that no, you give her treats was hilarious.