Monday, June 11, 2007

Sleeping Schedule

My sleeping schedule is once again officially messed the hell up. It’s 3:49 am right now. I’m awake. And not even sorta tired.

The culprit in the complete destruction of any sleep normalcy is a book titled “The Kite Runner”. Never in my life have so many people recommended a book to me. So I made a point to buy it at one of the many bookstores I visited on my cross-country adventure. (We won’t go into detail about how many books I bought in total on the adventure. Suffice to say that I really shouldn’t be left to roam with an “author’s discount” in bookstores. Sad part is that most of the time I actually bought more books than I sold...oh the joy of book tours.) Anywho, I’ve been reading this book forever, I never have longer than 15 minutes or so to sit down and read it. But this last week I started to get towards the end of the book. The amount of pages left was less than the amount that I’d read. I was in the homestretch.

So I sacrificed my precious sleep in an effort to finish this book. Last night/morning I still had about 50 pages left when I saw the sun come up outside my window. I went ahead and finished it.

Now it’s quarter to 4 in the morning and I’m not even sorta tired. And I don’t have a new book picked out to read. Even the dog is asleep, so I can’t play with him. (He has refused to succumb to my ridiculous sleep patterns. He will be going to bed at 10 pm, thank you very much. Oh, and he’ll be waking up at 7 am, so you better be ready for that too.

As for the book? Totally worth my messed up sleep. I’m sure I’m the only person left on the planet who hadn’t read it, but if you haven’t read it you should check it out. It’s a great story about forgiveness and guilt and blame and friendship. I’m sure it will be a movie at some point, so read the book now and look intelligent later when it comes out on the big screen.


tornwordo said...

I wrote it down. I haven't read it. As I recall before the whirlwind book tour slash save the planet junket, you often slept at dawn. I always kinda associated your name with that ideosyncracy of yours. Dawn goes to bed at dawn.

Chunks said...

I haven't read it either, although I have seen it. Not long enough to read it though. Will it make me cry? I need a good book. All I've been getting lately are crap books and I am tired of it. Thanks for the recommendation!

Haha on the puppy!

Patricia said...

make it a hat trick of those who've been meaning to read it but haven't.

aren't puppy schedules fun?