Friday, January 20, 2006

The Bitch is Back

I am of course referring to the ceramic dog on my mother’s porch. What else could I possibly be referring to? Don’t answer that. I can be a bit testy.

It has been ever so long since we’ve had a photo of the ceramic dog. I am so sorry, my camera taking up residence in Honduras seemed to put a bit of a strain on Fido’s photoshoots. But don’t worry we are back on track now. Here is what she is wearing for the her New Year’s celebration. I’m assuming that she’s celebrating based on the outfit. Fido doesn’t give away much with her emotions. She’s so stoic.

I know that many of you have been clamoring to see Fido’s outfits these past few months and I might just get out the Nov and Dec wardrobe and take a picture. My mother promises that the Christmas getup was adorable. My mother also thinks that you are all pathetic for wondering about her dog’s outfit. She says, "Yes, I may dress a ceramic dog, but I think waiting to see what the ceramic dog is wearing indicates even less of a life."

I wonder where I get my testy nature...


Chunks said...

I love that damn dog.

Patricia said...

woo hoo! finally!
and i'm sorry, dawn's mom, but in my best forest gump voice, may i say, pathetic is as pathetic does so neener neener and let's see more of that dog!!