Thursday, January 12, 2006

I Heart Traveling

Can someone please explain to me why it takes 12 friggin' hours to get across this great nation of ours? I mean really. It's ridiculous. And completely uncalled for. I got up this morning at 7 a.m., which in itself is uncalled for, and then I didn't get to DC until 10 pm. Good lord. In heaven. Send us faster planes please. That do not lay over. At all.


And while you're at it Lord, would you please issue sainthood for whoever invented wireless internet. For they are the only reason I still have my (mininimal) wits about me. Everywhere I roam I am but a click away from the internet. And that calms me.

So far I have visited three states (four if you count DC as a state) and I've yet to take any pictures. I've also yet to lose my camera, so I consider that a small victory as well.

I will sleep now, so that I can once again face the a.m. hours tomorrow. I'm in DC, so perhaps I will drop off a new law at the White House requesting working hours to be changed to noon-9pm. This would work much better for me.


Patricia said...

i remember (she says, in her best geezer voice) when there used to be a lot more direct flights. now it seems the airlines will zig zag a dozen times across the country, in order to pack 'em all in. i despise layovers.

no can do on the noon-9 thing for me. i can't help it, damnit, i'm a morning person. there. i've said it.

Dean said...

This week was the annivesary of the first first solo flight from Hawaii to California.

Took Amelia Earhart a little over 18 hours.
Take heart in the fact that you beat her ;)