Wednesday, January 18, 2006


I call this picture Packing Light.

This is a picture of me attempting to pack light. I tried so very hard. I got the smallest suitcase out and I fully intended to take the small suitcase after being reprimanded by many an airport personnel for my enormous bag during my Honduras trip. But then I started packing and I found that only my coat fit in the small suitcase. I'm thinking the small suitcase is for Swimsuit Season, not Wear As Many Layers As Possible So You Will Have Plenty Of Padding When You Keel Over From Hypothermia Season. So yeah, I ended up going with the big suitcase.

I call this picture Poor Vacation Choices.

This is a self-portrait taken to show you what I looked like for the past three days. Yes, I nearly suffocated 8 times, but I survived. Thank god those layers broke my fall.

I would blog more, but I've been traveling all day and I'm tired and my body has no idea what time it is and whether or not to trust the rise in temperatures now that we have returned to a state that has its weather under control.

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Chunks said...

Well, welcome back to your warm state. It is finally more winterlike here and I am really rethinking my geography here. It is supposed to stay aroung -14C here this whole week. What will we do when it finally hits -40?! Panic. That is what we will do.