Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Lessons Learned

I bought a camera today, so now I am officially ready to be a tourist in New York. I figure I will buy a "I Heart NY" t-shirt when I get there, to complete the tourist ensemble.

Have you noticed that the blog hasn’t had pictures on it lately? Uh, yeah, there is a very significant reason for that. I was mugged in Honduras and someone took my camera. Okay, maybe "mugged" is a strong word. Perhaps, just perhaps, it might even be the wrong word. Perhaps the right words are "an idiot". Yes, that might fit a little better. I was "an idiot" in Honduras and someone took my camera.

Before I left for Honduras my mother repeatedly offered to let me take her credit card just in case I lost my wallet while I was gone. The credit card I use is actually an ATM/credit card and therefore if it were stolen someone could theoretically empty out my bank account by using the credit card feature.

Every time my mother offered her credit card I scoffed, "Mother. I am a grown woman. I should be able to be trusted with the responsibility of my own credit card, for God’s sake."
"Yes, you should."
"Are you saying I’m not responsible?"
"You lost your purse when you went to Cancun."
"Mom, I was 18 years old and drunk for 7 days straight, I probably lost a lot more than my purse. I am an adult now, I wish you would stop treating me like a child."

So then. I lost my purse in a video arcade. Yeah. Cause not only am I an adult that is responsible for her own belongings, but I’m also an adult who is hanging out in video arcades. I’ve always been really good at proving points. As you can see.
So the digital camera I had was super-tiny, it could fit in my jeans pocket without any problem. Unfortunately it could also fit in the change purse of my purse/wallet thingy. Awesome. The only relatively good thing about my purse getting stolen was that my ATM card had already been stolen by some computer hacker in Poland before I even left the US. Therefore whoever found my purse in Honduras wasn’t able to use my credit card to empty out my bank account. Cause the dudes in Poland had already taken care of that. Look, I said it was a "relatively" good thing. I’m reaching here.

Lesson #1: I bought a new camera today. When the asked if I wanted the two year warranty I said, "Hell no, what good is a warranty if I lose the damn thing in six months?"

Lesson #2: Before this trip my mother once again offered her credit card. This time I skipped my proclamation of maturity and just took it. I found out the credit limit is something ridiculous like 15 grand.

Lesson #3: In an effort to avoid losing another camera I’ve decided to just leave the new one at home. Then I’m going to hire a personal photographer with the 15 grand my mother gave me. I mean, if I’m gonna be immature and irresponsible, I might as well do it right, right?


Patricia said...

so is the new camera allowed in federal buildings or do you have to find a large enough bush in which to hide two electronic devices?

i'm glad you got the camera, though. i've been going through withdrawal, wondering what the ceramic dog is wearing this season.

Chunks said...

I've also been thinking about the ceramic dog, what DOES he wear in January?!

Be careful on your trip, but God, I hope something funny happens to you so you can tell us all about it upon your return!