Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Fun With Cameras

So, I've been without a digital camera for quite some time. I'm making up for lost time now. Everything is photo-worthy when you've got a digital camera. As I've proved by photographing my mother's ceramic dog...

Yesterday I wrote of my hearing aide's trip across the country, on its way back into my head. Today I had to change the hearing aide battery of the one hearing aide I still have. When I dug my new package of hearing aide batteries out of my purse I found it to be ridiculously complicated. Why have a simple little package when you can have one that involves 4 steps?

Here is the hearing aide battery package. I know, it looks like some sort of computer device or perhaps something worthy of an infomercial, but no, it's just a holder of hearing aides. I don't know.

Step 2 involves pushing the little yellow thing out, catching one of the batteries and sending said battery away from its holder.

In Step 3 the battery sticks to the handy dandy magnet on the end of the dispenser. The magnet holds the battery in place, eagerly awaiting Step 4.

In Step 4 you (and by "you" I mean "deaf person") holds their hearing aide up and uses the dispenser to easily place the battery in the battery slot of the hearing aide.

Are you exhausted? I am. I've never seen such a complicated process for changing a battery. Who hell thought it would be a good idea to add mechanical aspects to my battery holder? I don't get it. And did anyone stop to think that most of the people using hearing aide batteries are probably arthritic and can't even operate their friggin' battery container? Good lord.

And in other Photography News:

You might have to click on this one to see it larger, so you can get the true affect of it. I saw this as I was sitting at a stop light this weekend. The yellow sign on the left says "Elegant Dining", the green sign on the right says, "Health Inspected". Hmmm. This is the only other selling point they could think of to put in neon lights? Not "Happy Hour" or possibly "Great Eats"? No, they went with "Health Inspected", cause I know that is always my first concern about places with "Elegant Dining".

and then...

Have you ever seen this before? It's a shampoo for PEOPLE and it's got HORSES on it. It's called Mane and Tail for god's sake. Who's marketing idea was this? I pointed it out to my roommate, who was shopping with me.

"Is this a human shampoo?"
"Yeah, it works well."
"It's got horses on it."
"Well it's saying that it could be used on horses hair, that's how good it is."
"Being appropriate for washing a horses ass is considered a selling point?"
"Oh, when you put it that way..."


Chunks said...

Mane and Tail is great shampoo!!! (Cheap too!) If it can make a horse's tail smooth and silky, imagine what it can do for YOU! (Speaking of infomercials!)

Hearing aid battery dispensers are a joke! I remember helping my arthritic Grandmother in law and having to mess around with those things...insane.

Can you hear me now?

Oh God, I'm lame.

Trav said...

Wait, what is up with the "and body" part? Is that for the horses or for people that have bodies covered with hair too?

Lynn said...

Actually, Mane and Tail has been around for years for horses only. It's only recently been marketed for humans.

Patricia said...

the hearing aide battery package looks like a pack of birth control pills for smurfs. but they need to make it blue.

Dean said...

Hurray! The pictures are back. I can't wait to see how your Mom's dog is doing.

Teri said...



Also -- Happy Belated Birthday Dawn!

Jenn said...

I've got to get me some Mane and Tail. How did I ever live without it?