Monday, January 16, 2006

Could it BE Any Colder?

Good lord in heaven. It was 10 degrees when we got out of the show last night. It was a whopping 14 degrees when we went in. We knew we were in trouble when I turned on the TV in the morning and the local newscaster said, "Cold, cold, cold." And he wasn't even the weather man. Then they showed the day's forecast and there was the word "Frigid!". It had the exclamation point and everything. Yes, I may be a wimp from California, but it's so cold here that my friend, who has lived her for 30-odd years has said REPEATEDLY, "Damn. It's cold." “Really, it’s never this cold.” “God, I can’t believe how cold it is.”

I do know how to time a vacation just right, do I not?

When I got off the bus in Chinatown the wind was bringing the rain down sideways. I was walking sideways as well, trying very hard not to be blown out of Chinatown. As I was walking across the street, towing my rolling suitcase behind me, hair swirling around my head, the wind took both me and the suitcase about three feet to the left. This flipped the suitcase over completely. As I was in the middle of the intersection and blinded by my own hair, I had to just keep moving. This meant pulling my suitcase through three inches of water on its non-wheeled side. When my friends came to pick me up I could tell by their howling laughter that I looked like a complete mess.

I heart traveling.

I'm wearing long underwear and the only parts of my body that are visible are my eyes. And you can't even really see them, because when I breathe into my scarf I fog up my glasses. It's all quite metropolitan and glamorous.

We are only here for a few days and we are making the most of it. We figured out that we spent about $900 yesterday. Doing our part to support the local economy and what not. We are so socially conscious. We saw two shows, ate three meals, went to Caroline’s for the late night comedy showcase and nearly died at the hands of a cab driver who secretly longs to be a NASCAR driver. It was a big day. Today we go to Letterman and to buy 34 “I Heart NY” shirts for everyone we know. Cause they are like $2 each. And everyone we know doesn’t need to know how cheap they are.

The weather forecast predicts that the temperatures will rise about 14 minutes after I get on my plane to leave. Which is wonderful and again, just perfect timing.


Herkamayah said...

I hope you make an effort to be on DAVE so we can all see your eyes through your scarf. Could be funny! You didn't tell us what shows you saw. I imagine one of them had to be "Rent", simply to cleanse your palate of the movie version.

Patricia said...

and we all heart your travelog!

most times on the morning weather shows, i can't make out the outline of michigan because it's covered in either COLD! or ICY! or some other similar forecast. personally, i always like to know the windchill. it makes my whining seem that much more pertinent.