Thursday, January 19, 2006

I Heart JetBlue

I am officially in love with JetBlue. And I’d like share this love with you all. Have you flown with JetBlue yet? It is lovely. I flew with them from NY back to Sacramento. Now, I might have been easily impressed since my trip from Sacramento to DC took my 14 days with two stops and no peanuts. But do not let my low expectations taint my love for JetBlue. It is a beautiful, beautiful way to fly.

First of all, it only cost me $100 to get from NY to Sac. On the other hand it cost me $350 to get from Sac to DC on Southwest. This might have had something to do with the fact that I booked that flight about 4 minutes before I actually flew. But still, that’s ridiculous. At a $100 a pop to NY and back my friend on the east coast better get used to having house guests who wear 14 layers at all times.

Then on top of the fantastic fare they also have TV’s in the back of their seats. TV’S IN THE BACK OF THEIR SEATS. Now I know this not exactly groundbreaking, as several other airlines offer TV’s, but these TV’s also had DirectTV. Holy fun in the air Batman. I had like 50-some channels I could watch while flying over Minnesota (and one of the channels actually showed me when I was flying over Minnesota). I was flipping between Scrubs and Basketball and Queer Eye and Cosby Show and News. It was amazing. I vowed then and there to never fly on another plane that didn’t allow me the option of watching South Park. Again, I have very high standards.

Do you know how much I love JetBlue? I love it so much that the fact that we spent the first 2 hours bouncing violently didn’t even bother me. Scrubs had back to back episodes on, so I was cool. The guy next to me, not so cool however. He was not loving the bouncing so much. Poor guy had his head in a barf bag for the entire 6-hour trip. Well, not the same barf bag. Several barf bags. His barf bag, my barf bag, our neighbor’s barf bag, everyone’s barf bag. Until finally they just brought him a garbage bag. It was all quite lovely. He was a young man, maybe early to mid-20’s and he was wearing a suit and tie and trying very hard to be a grown up businessman. When I first sat down next to him he smiled and flirted a little. The flirting was interrupted by puking once we were airborne. He might have to work on his airplane game.

Even though I spent 6 hours bouncing next to a puking man I still love JetBlue. That’s how much I love TV. I’m a simple girl who doesn’t need much. You don’t have to feed me, you can give me a ride full of turbulence and you can even have my barf bag. Just give me DirectTV and I’ll be a satisfied customer.


Patricia said...

individual TVs would help long flights, for sure. but then, i need all the help i can get 'cause i'm a puker.

at least i have the sense to over-medicate myself. was this his first flight???

not so lucky said...

Good for you. It took me 12 hours to get home. Flight delays, abnoxious group of guys going to vegas for first time, no peanuts, no tv's, apologies every 5 minutes from crew for the delays, no cell phone service in any airport, and one evil book of sudoku puzzles. All in all one of my more enjoyable days.