Tuesday, July 25, 2006


I do not have time to blog today. But I will point out that the picture above is a picture of my tire POST-explosion. Some people have implied that my tire had very little tread left and that is why it exploded. Yeah. People. It has very little tread left because the tread is on the FRIGGIN' HIGHWAY. That was part of the problem. A very large part of the problem. See, when tread explodes off your tire and takes part of your bumber with it it tends to cause some steering/control issues.

Please. Do not think that with my tire karma I would be driving around on anything resembling bald tires. That would be just silly. Although I doubt it would really matter. I could be driving on steel tires and they'd probably still find a way to pop.


bonnie T said...

Jesus Dawn - I thought that sort of tread loss was only associated with 18 wheelers. Thank GOD you are still with us. There is a angel watching over you for sure.

Chunks said...

I think you need some Fred Flinstone tires. Of course, you will have to get a vehicle with more horsepower.

Oh and you can't even buy one fan for a hundred bucks here because there are NO FANS IN TOWN. Yep, the city of 42,000 people has sold out of fans.