Wednesday, July 26, 2006


I don’t really have much to blog about, as July has been quite uninteresting compared to the book-writing and world-saving of June. Not all months can be action-packed you know.

I did get my book back from the copy editor the other day. And can I just tell you that that woman LOVES to edit her some copy? In case you were wondering. If you are familiar with Microsoft Word you may be familiar with the “Track Changes” feature on Word. When you push that button Word will track any changes you make to the document and make a note of any deletions over on the right hand side of the document. So I got my documents back from the copy editor and first of all she says how much she just loves loves loves the book, thinks it’s so funny and fun and great and wonderful. AND THEN she proceeds to make more edits than have ever been made to any manuscript since Paris Hilton tried to write a book and they just went ahead and had a ghostwriter do it instead. Good lord.

To be honest, I don’t know how severe the edits are yet, I opened a few of the chapters and were assaulted by the onslaught of edits, so I just closed them and decided to deal with them at a later time. At that later time I will have to read the book AGAIN and decide what edits are okay and what ones are no bueno. And then there are about 5 more steps and I get the thing back to my publisher. At which point she does a few steps of her own and then does something else and then I get a hard copy of the book to read AGAIN. My good god. I think the book is an okay read, but I’m going to have read it a good 6 times before this whole thing is over and I am very close to being very much over everything I’ve written. I will probably be able to recite the book from memory soon. With correct punctuation.

So that is about the extent of the excitement on my end. I am scheduled to move into my condo next week. Which is the good news. The bad news is that the power company, phone company and cable company have no record of my home in their system. Moving will be much less fun without electricity, I’d imagine. Seeing as though it is approximately 185 degrees here I’d imagine A/C might be a fun thing to be able to turn on in the new house. Just a thought. I'm a dreamer, I know.


Baffled one said...

Yeah, the joy of being creative. Reading / watching it over and over and over again until you don't want to anymore. I hope they didn't take away your "voice" cause then it will just sound like an instruction manual.

Patricia said...

moving without a/c sounds like zero fun. but the real tragedy is that the cable isn't hooked up yet. priorities!

Dean said...

So the book progresses. Very good. Hope to see it published sooner than a Final Job movie. (harhar)

Your moving next week huh? I am out of town that week...and sick...and my car will be broke down... and my dog will die...and I will be drafted in the Foriegn I am unable to help you move. Sorry!

Chunks said...

Oh Dawn, the re-reading of your book is so that when you go on Oprah and she chastizes you for not writing HER style of running book, you will know your stuff!!! *wink wink*

Oh and thanks for making me feel guilty about my "mini" heat wave, I checked YOUR weather and ZOINKS, my eyes almost fell out my head. What is this A/C you talk about? In Canada, all we have is woodstoves and heaters. We don't understand heat like you guys do! Stay cool! (We topped out on Sunday at 35.8 setting a record high for this area. I know, I know, Big Whoop)