Friday, July 14, 2006

Home Sweet Mortgage

Today I went and talked to my mortgage person about the mortgage I’m going to be paying until I die. It was quite an exciting day. All those random trips I go on? All that sushi I eat? All those minutes I talk on my phone? Can’t so much pay for any of them anymore. I’m going to have to start selling my plasma ASAP, cause I really like sushi.

Overall the meeting with the mortgage lady went well and my payment is going to be less than originally estimated, which is good. The condo was supposed to be done at the end of June but now they are saying I’ll be in the first week in August. Which is also good, because that’s one less month I have to pay the before-mentioned budget-breaking mortgage payment. I’m stocking up on sushi this month, just in case it’s the last I see of it for 30 years.

It’s an interesting thing, coming back from the Habitat build and moving into my own place. A friend and I went to check out my condo-in-progress the other day and it is becoming a real place. I went into the model again and it felt different than it did when I first decided to buy it. Somehow I appreciate it a little more. Not everyone gets to buy a house (they get to eat sushi though). Most of my friends own their own homes and all the adults in my life have always owned their own homes and so I guess I just figured it was the thing to do. But after spending a week with people who literally wept at the thought of owning their own home I’m looking at my own a little differently.

And I’m getting flood insurance.


Patricia said...

owning a home is still such a milestone. the fact that you helped this happen for so many people is incredible.

moving in august sounds fun. your sweat glands should be ready for another workout by then.

Todd said...

It's not really a home until there's a ceramic dog out front wearing a new outfit every year.

Chunks said...

I saw a ceramic dog today and thought of you and your mom, Dawn. So I say to hubby, I say "Hey we should get a ceramic dog and dress it up according to the season or holiday!" He just looked at me and said "Are you retarded?" Do you think he was trying to cut me?!

Your outlook is amazing. I mean, if you tell them at the sushi place that it is your birthday, couldn't you get FREE sushi? There are many ways to score free food Dawn, and once you have a money-pit, you will have to learn how.

Funky Master T to that Low said...

I unheart mortgages.