Wednesday, July 12, 2006


Today was a very big day. I went to the running store and bought some shoes. Cause I’m officially getting my ass in shape. Starting like tomorrow. But today? Today I bought the shoes. Baby steps.

My body is still unhappy with me about the marathon training years ago so I had to get some other stuff too, hoping that some of that stuff would ease the running pain. The fun thing about the shoe store is that they have Shoe People there and these people are able to tell you what shoe you should buy based on how you should walk. Then they add stuff to the shoe and put the shoe on you and make you walk and run in the store. Then they call other Shoe People over to look at you walk and run in the store and they point and stare and whisper amongst themselves. It is all quite medical and important and not at all bizarre.

The most exciting part of the visit with the Shoe People is when one started feeling my kneecaps. He pushed my right kneecap around a little and said, “What happened to this knee?” I said, “I dunno, but it hurt like hell while I was training for a marathon.” He said, “That is probably because it’s moving all over the place. Kneecaps aren’t supposed to do that.”

Yeah, so that’s something that might have been helpful to know around oh, mile 200 of the marathon training. Maybe that could have helped the knee from falling off at mile 13 of the actual marathon. Whatever. So I got a knee brace that will keep the kneecap from flying off my body. When I run. And get in shape. Starting like tomorrow.


Patricia said...

so let's see. you go back to running just weeks after finishing a book on running. you must be quite the motivational writer!

Dean said...

Ditto to Patricia's comments.

I am going to avoid your book like the plague. If it is that motivational, I may have to start running!

Chunks said...

Running. Too. Much. Effort. I prefer to be a lazy girl. I could read about running though. When's that book coming out?!