Thursday, July 13, 2006

Blog Delay

See, when the phone company wants to do maintenance on the DSL they choose to do it in the middle of the night, because most of their customers are in a sound slumber and will not notice that the DSL is not working.

But I am not the typical customer. I do most of my DSL-ing in the middle of the night. More importantly, I do my blogging in the middle of the night. So then. That is why it is now 3 o'clock in afternoon and I'm just getting to the blog. Things are off in the blog world, because my damn DSL provider was trying to improve my service at 3 a.m. So sorry.

To make it up to you I give you two pictures that are in no way related to DSL or each other, but I feel they are enjoyable.

Tis another month. And therefore another outfit for the dog. I know that the holiday is over, but the dog is stuck in this outfit for the remainder of the month. A patriot, he is.

This is a picture of a toilet in an airport. What airport, I do not know, because I was in many an airport in my effort to get across this grand country of ours. (Let’s not get me started on air travel, because we could be here until they start doing maintenance on my DSL again.) Have you ever seen anything like this? You push the button and the toilet seat cover-thingy turns and gives you a new toilet seat cover. It makes a little noise and twists it into itself and voila! your ass is once again safe to sit on a public toilet.

I don’t know why the water looks weird in this picture, maybe something to do with the flash. All I know is that I wasn’t going to take another picture in the stall, as I already got enough stares when I came out. People thinking I was very proud of my bathroom skills.

Have you noticed the amount of technology in airport bathrooms? Do you think that because people are on the move and have no time that they need to have toilets that flush for them, soap that dispenses itself, paper towels that unravel themselves and seat covers that change themselves? I don’t get it.

I’ve yet to fully understand why we need so much technology in the friggin bathroom, as I didn’t find it tremendously difficult to flush a toilet all these years. And to be honest it’s a lot more effort trying to get out of the way of the electronic eye so that the toilet flushes itself, than it was to just flush it myself. I’m standing in stalls, my back plastered against the side of the stall, trying to trick the toilet into thinking I’ve left. This seems like more work to me. And lets not even talk about the one time I got sick in a public bathroom and was barfing up my innards and wanted so badly to flush the toilet but couldn’t stop barfing for long enough to get away from the eye. So much for not talking about it...

On that note, I will leave you. See you in 12 hours, when normal posting time rolls around again.


Patricia said...

i always find it ironic that an airport will spend millions of dollars to give us touchless bathroom amenities, yet still have the same wobbly, rickety pushcarts from the 1950s when the place opened.

Stephanie said...

Is it really weird that I'm super excited about the toliet w/ the automatic seat covers? And why is it that the fancy gadget bathrooms are usually in cities you wouldn't expect while the places that should have them, like the LA airport, don't even have a place to hang your purse?

Chunks said...

I was also recently taking pictures inside a bathroom stall, but because I was amazed at it's environmentally sound construction. It was a compost toilet at a tourist information booth. I am still fascinated with it, I gotta blog about it!