Monday, July 31, 2006

Movin’ Slow

I’m moving in less than a week. Perhaps I should pack something. That might be a good idea. I’m trying, I really am. My mom came over and packed the kitchen. The rest is up to me. And it’s not going so quick. First of all I’m the most nostalgic person on the face of the planet, so I can’t just pack something without looking at it and reminiscing and looking at it some more. It took me about two hours to pack three photo albums. Ahhh, sweet memories. Then there is the fact that my neck is still jacked up from my run-in with a freeway center divide a week and a half ago. Packing and computer design work make my neck feel like it’s on fire. Which is unfortunate considering all I have to do is pack and design stuff on the computer. I’m thinking that this week is going to include a LOT of Advil.

Fortunately all I have to do is pack, I’m not moving anything. I vowed two things when I moved into this house: 1) I would not move again until I bought a place and 2) I would hire movers next time I moved. I’m a goal-setter, you know.

Starving Students are coming to move my crap to my new place this week. I think it’s pretty funny that the odds are my movers will be neither starving nor students. When I called to get a quote from them I got a very high tech phone operator system that lead me through many different menus before I got to talk to an actual person. This doesn’t exactly reek of small business to me. And then when they called me to confirm my appointment they were calling from an LA number. Oh well. I needed movers and they gave me the lowest bid, so I could give a crap if they are high school drop-outs and are fully fed - just move my boxes up the stairs please.

Other than that I really have nothing to report at this time. Oh, I did go to ANOTHER wedding this weekend. Lord help me. But the good news is I think we got a good portion of the guys married off now and there are no other nuptials on the horizon. I think we may be in the clear until next summer at least. This is very good news. Sadly, I will have to get my fill of AC/DC’s “Shook Me All Night Long” someplace other than wedding receptions for a little while. I think I’m okay with that.


tornwordo said...

Good luck on the packing. I recommend writing on the box what you put into it. This helps immensely later.

Chunks said...

Oh how I hate moving! I'm a spaz though, so the minute I find out, I'm packing like a madwoman. Hiring students is a great idea! Good luck with that, and your neck too.

dogshirt said...

Make sure you ask the starving students which extension class they are taking so they can work there to qualify as a student.

Patricia said...

yeah i'm an over zealous packer, like rox. my crap was packed three weeks before i actually moved because i feared having to pack at the last minute. instead, i reopened half the boxes, looking for stuff i needed, only to be forced to repack. it was ugly.

i'd pay someone a small fortune not to have to move things up and down that staircase you've talked about. i'm wondering if the grade of those stairs was shared when seeking quotes.