Friday, July 28, 2006

Random Dogs

One of the best things about having a random sense of humor is that you tend to attract people with random senses of humor. And even if their senses of humor weren’t random before they met you, you usually help them to find the humor in the random parts of life.

So then, you might remember that I have serious issues when it comes to this stuffed dog:

In short it freaks me out a little. It’s head is too big for it’s body and overall it just doesn’t sit well with me. My Roommate, being the evil woman that she is decided it would be soooo funny to hide the scary dog in various parts of the house to freak me out. I do not think she is funny.

But some other people do. One of those people is my friend Todd who has about the most random sense of humor you are going to find. He makes me laugh. So apparently Todd contacted my mom and sent her a t-shirt for her crazy ceramic dog that sits on her porch. He thought it would be soooo funny to put the t-shirt on the dog and for me to be freaked out by it when I came to visit the parents.

Honestly. The amount of steps that went into this dog being dressed in a t-shirt with a scary dog on it is just ridiculous. First the Roommate had to be evil. Then the Friend had to be bored and have a t-shirt made. Then the Mom had to be a little looney and dress the stupid dog in the t-shirt. It's all so random, I love it.

Does anyone else get to spend their lives with such fun people? You should really try. I don’t have great tire karma, but I’ve got laughter in spades - which I think is a fair trade. Especially because a good sense of humor helps when dealing with the tire karma.

Scary and Ceramic Dogs to you and yours, my blog peeps.


Chunks said...

HAHAHAH! THAT is comedy Gold! Your friend deserves a big Hats Off for pulling off that one!

Dean said...

Todd...major score!

That is so funny. How cool to have funny friends and a funny Mom to boot.

dog shirt maker said...

making dawn laugh is one of my favorite things to do. I'm just glad she did. :-)

Patricia said...

we love todd!

when are those t shirts gonna be available at costco?