Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Running Superstar

Yeah, so running isn’t that much fun. I always seem to forget how little fun it is until I do it, then I remember - not so much fun. I bought the good shoes, I bought the knee brace, I put the headphones on, I even wore the running hat with the holes in it. But none of this could help the fact that I severely jacked up my knee by running 300+ miles while training for a marathon. I guess I somehow expected it to be miraculously cured, that it would have forgotten what I had put it through. It has not forgotten.

I only got to about a mile and a half tonight when the knee started sending that familiar shooting pain up to my hip. Ahhh, memories. And in addition to that pain the damn knee brace I was wearing managed to cause a rash on the other leg with it’s protruding pieces that were meant to hold my knee cap in place but were really only successful in causing a rash.

This is why people have eating disorders. They are just so much easier than working out.

I am going to try to slowly get my body back into shape via running, but I think I’m going to have to look elsewhere for any real exercise. I don’t think running a mile every time is going to give me the rock solid body I’m looking for. My new condo has a pool, so maybe I do some swimming. Or maybe I’ll get on another soccer team. Why my knee doesn’t hurt when I play soccer, I really can’t tell you. Probably because the knee hurting is about 50% the result of me thinking about whether or not the knee is going to start hurting. And when I’m playing soccer the only thing I’m thinking about is who I want to slide tackle next. I don’t care if I’m in pain as long as other people are too. That’s why competitive sports are so much fun.

So anyways, I’m trying my damndest to move my body, but my body has yet to get on board with the plan. Maybe if I ran TOWARDS something. Like a Taco Bell. I think that might move things along a little bit.


Dean said...

Run towards a Taco Bell?! Now that's funny stuff.

Sorry your knee is acting up again. Especially since you are so out of shape (yeah right... and jack rabbits are fat)

Perhaps you should go back to movie hopping. Your knee doesn't seem to bother you then and you can enjoy the air conditioning!

Hopping is exercise...right?

Herkamayah said...

Simple solution. When movie hopping and/or eating at taco bell, put the bucket/item of choice on the side of your foot. Then you can lift it up to your face to eat. This will keep your knee flexible, you get a light workout (if you buy the heavier items) and you can still enjoy the fine cuisine of the multiplex, baseball field or fast-food booth of your choice.

Chunks said...

I think you should switch to a lower impact activity like sychronized swimming. Maybe you could start a club at your new condo?

Running is overrated. Walking is just as good. That's what I do, I walk with a tall person, it's all the workout I can handle.

Patricia said...

yeah the people at the shoe store are pretty much laughing their butts off right about now.

cha ching!