Thursday, September 28, 2006


I don’t have time to write much tonight, I’m exhausted, over-worked and underslept. (I’m a published writer, so yes, “underslept” is a word, thank you.)

But I do need to share with the fact that I saw yet ANOTHER sign that the world is coming to an end.

I was driving down the street today (as opposed to the days when I drive on the sidewalk) and I looked up to see that there was a new restaurant being built. I looked at the name, then I looked away and then I looked at the name again. Because it just ain’t every day that you see “Tex Wasabi” as a name of a restaurant. I kid you friggin’ not.

What are people doing? Or I guess the better question is, what are they trying to do? Why, why, why do we need a restaurant that combines the culinary cuisines of both BBQ ribs and raw fish eggs? I really don’t get it. Oh and if we are going to combine the cuisine let’s go ahead and combine the logos too:

Sweet Mary. It’s a cowboy riding a ridiculously large fish. Or it’s a ridiculously small cowboy riding a fish. One or the other, but both ridiculous. In order to truly appreciate this logo you simply must go to the website. Please go check it out so you will have a chance to see for yourself the beginning of the end of any hope of class we as a society had left.

When this restaurant opens I’m so going, and I’m so taking pictures for you. It’s not everyday you have a mechanical bull and sake bombs in the same establishment... Man it’s gonna be good.


tornwordo said...

This is hilarious. Better even than senor frogs. (which is also a sign that the world is coming to an end.)
check out the site, lol

Chunks said...

Have you seen Moccapumps? They are moccasins but they are also pumps. Shoes and Foods should not be mixed.

Anonymous said...

Hate to tell Chunks . . . but moccasins and pumps are BOTH shoes!--bl

Teri said...

This restaurant is by Guy Fieri, who was Food Network's winner of their cooking reality show The Next Food Network star. He's a pretty rock & roll guy. Restaurant should be interesting. He is actually from Santa Rosa I believe.