Tuesday, September 05, 2006

I Heart Camping

For the third year in a row I chose to spend my Labor Day weekend camping. For the third year in a row I remembered that I do not like camping. I believe that this year marks the end of my yearly journey into nature. Or it at least marks an end to my yearly sleeping in the nature. The nature I don’t mind so much. The sleeping ON the nature? Not really my thing. I kept saying, “I paid a lot of money for my mattress. And I enjoy it quite a bit. I also paid a lot of money for my house, and I enjoy it too. Why have I abandoned both of these things to vacation with wildlife?”

This year I didn’t actually sleep on the nature, I slept on a Chevy Tahoe. Or in one. My air mattress lost all of its air and the air blower-upper-thingy lost all of its battery power, therefore I took refuge in the Tahoe. The only problem with the Tahoe was that I couldn’t stretch my legs out, so both my knees were cramped up all night. And then when I was getting in the Tahoe I somehow kept setting the alarm off. I had no idea how I was doing this so I was convinced that I was doing it by merely moving in the Tahoe. Therefore every time I moved even a little throughout the night I woke up and plugged in my hearing aides, fearing that I might have moved too much and set off the car alarm and was now waking the entire outdoors with my attempts to straighten my legs.

Yeah. So when my friend suggested that maybe we could leave in the middle of the night on Sunday, instead of sleeping with the nature again, I heartily agreed with this plan. This plan would involve me driving in the middle of the night, but this plan would also involve me sleeping on my very nice mattress and not sitting in very bad traffic today. This plan seemed awesome to me. The only bad part of the plan was that I’d gotten approximately two hours of sleep in my bended-legs/no-movement-allowed Tahoe bed, so I wasn’t exactly wide awake for the midnight drive home from Big Sur. Thank god for XM radio. God knows I enjoy theme radio stations like All 90's and Broadway. He also knows that these are just the songs to keep me awake when all I want to do is sleep.

So we all made it home in one piece and I got to spend my Labor Day doing no labor at all, instead of spending it sitting in traffic, thinking about all the work I should be doing instead of sitting in traffic. So you see we made the right choice.

And to help you realize why I made the choice to go camping in the first place, I give you these pics.

I enjoy the ocean. I also enjoy big huge rocks that I can climb and look out on the ocean. Perhaps next year we can go to the ocean and the big huge rocks and just stay in a cabin. This would help involve my enjoyment of sleeping in beds indoors. It would be so exciting.


tornwordo said...

Around Newport Oregon, there's houses you can rent right on the cliffs. Paths down to ocean, the whole bit. I think we paid 350 for a week for a place.

Chunks said...

How tall are you?

I'm only 5'2" so I could stretch out in a Chevette! I've never tried a Tahoe though, you'd think they'd be more roomy!

Lovely pics, it looks like a wonderful place, except for the sleeping in nature part. Nature for me is a three star hotel instead of a four star.

Anonymous said...

There is a reason God invented B&B's, I don't think he wanted to sleep out in the outdoors either. He did a great job inventing hot-tubs, feather beds, and tasty breakfasts.

I'm with you said...

The best way to do it is go to Big Sur and get a hotel. It's so nice. I don't get camping and why people like it. If it's a matter of cost, it's not worth it. I'd rather spend $ and be comfortable than sleep on rocks, worry about bears eating my tent (and its contents), waking up at the crack of sun because it is causing my tent to act as a solar panel and making me sweat at 6:30 am, and other lovely benefits like swatting at mosquitoes all day. give me my shower, cable and room service and the option to climb rocks whenever I feel the urge. :-)

Patricia said...

i'm with you on enjoying the looking at nature and not so much the sleeping on nature.

maybe you could try a camper. the little pop-up kind are plenty comfy. and tahoes love to pull them. so everyone wins.