Tuesday, September 26, 2006


I don’t really have anything to say today, as I haven’t really done anything since the last post besides work. It’s all terribly exciting. And not so blog-worthy.

Oh, I did cook the first of my Dream Dinners on Sunday. And can I just tell you that, yes, it actually is possible for me to mess up a meal that is already prepped and has the very easy directions on the outside of the ziploc bag.

Oh, before we continue - does the word “baggie” get capitalized? I was reading my book (again) and the word “baggie” was capitalized, as if it were Kleenex or something. But the word Baggie isn’t a trademarked thing, is it? I dunno. Discuss.

Oh, and before we continue - one time my aunt sent me to the store with a list of stuff she needed for a dinner she was preparing. On my list I had “baguette”. I brought home those little mini ziploc baggies.

Which leads us back to my incompetence when it comes to all things kitchen. I decided to take my inaugural Dream Dinner over to my parents’ house to “cook”. In other words I was kinda hoping my mom would just cook it. I mean I had measured out all the ingredients and put them into a ziploc bag, so I felt like I’d really contributed to the dinner enough.

So I arrive at their house and put the ziploc in the freeazer. As soon as I shut the freezer I say, “Crap.” My mother comes into the kitchen with the smile of a woman whose daughter might be turning over a new leaf in the domesticated world. Then she asked, “Crap, what?” I pointed to the freezer, “Crap, I forgot to thaw the damn meal that we are supposed to be eating.”

Her smile fades.

“Well, maybe it’s okay, maybe it doesn’t need to be thawed,” she grabs the ziploc out of the freezer, “Maybe it’ll still be fine, because-” I point to the directions on the bag, “See how it says, Thaw, as the very first part of the directions? Crap.”

Then my loving parents moved into management mode and starting figuring out how to get the food thawed in time to eat. My dad kept yelling out the name of the local pizza restaurant as a very good alternative to my attempting to cook. This seemed like a fine idea to me, but instead we submerged the frozen goods in water for awhile and let them defreeze and become the thawed Dream Dinner they intended to be.

Honestly, how people have families of like 5 kids I really have no idea. They must have the pizza place on speed dial.

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fuggedaboudit said...

This is unrelated to all things kitchen-esque: I like the book cover. Was that your number or did they take literary license again...?