Thursday, September 07, 2006

A Picture

I took a lovely picture today. It is really a piece of art. I’ve titled it “Election Season”. Isn’t it gripping?

This is the pile of work that I found waiting for me yesterday. Every one of these pieces of paper represents something that I am to make pretty. Holy carpel tunnel Batman. I put the Shit Bitch Bear on the work, instead of saying, "You is fine." The bear is just saying, "Shit bitch."

This pile also represents my job security - because I don’t know if you can see the beautiful design elements on these things, but lets just say that my ability to take 40 of the same stick figure drawing and make them into 40 unique looking mail pieces is why I have a job. Maybe at the end of the election season I’ll lay out all the pieces I did, so you can have a before and after shot.

Of course after the election I’ll be in some other place. Some place far far away. I do not think that it is a mere coincidence that I made my final flight arrangements today for my November Saving/Seeing the world trip. We’re gonna need something to look forward to in order to face this pile o’political propaganda.

Oh, speaking of influencing the vote:

Go to this site:

Then go to where it says: Voting Starts NOW!

And vote for Rafael.

He's my buddy (you remember him from the ChrisKwanziKah video last year) and hopefully he'll win this contest and become famous and rich and then buy me things. What this has to do with you, I don't know. But I'm sure something wonderful will happen to you if you vote. There may even be a ChrisKwanziKah sequel in your future if you vote NOW! Do it for the kids (that’s what we put on all the political mail, so I’ll try it here.)


Anonymous said...

You're just as cute as hell, you know that?

Patricia said...

at least you have a sweet new home in which to create these 40 uniquely beatiful pieces of mail. no more huddling on the red couch. no more "freezing" (yeah right) while you're working.

shit bitch you is lucky!

Chunks said...

Where does one get a shit bitch bear? I love that darn thing!

Job security is nice. Saving the world is nice. Getting all your friends a shit bitch bear for voting for your friend is nice too!

tornwordo said...

Before and after shots would be nice. Love the shit bitch bear.