Tuesday, September 12, 2006

New Roommate

We have activity in Casa de Dawn. In an exciting development my guest room now has a guest in it. And a lot of shoes.

The guest is a friend of mine named Jen. I gave her the nickname Chipper Jen back when we were training for a marathon together (and by “together” I mean “Jen 4 miles ahead of Dawn because she can run and Dawn cannot”) and she was obnoxiously chipper about all things running and sweat-inducing. Her positive nature combined with my hatred of running did not always mix well and quite often involved me unplugging my hearing aides.

So then. The Chipper one has found herself homeless so she decided to come take advantage of Hotel Dawn for a little while. It should be an interesting setup. It seems as though I am once again rooming with someone who is quite different than me. Aside from the chipper nature I spoke of earlier we also tend to keep opposite sleeping schedules as well as keeping very different food. The main difference is that she actually keeps food in the house. And most of it is not easily identifiable by me because of its healthy nature.

The two of us went grocery shopping last night and I bought 5 bags of salad and some chips and salsa and Jen bought things like this:

What? Why? Why make something like looks like cheese but is really a vegetable? I don’t get it. Of course if it tastes like cheese I might have just found a decent way to get the vegetables that I usually avoid. Hmmm. Not a bad idea. But still, I doubt even the lure of cheese-flavored vegetables are going to get me anywhere near something that says “cheese food alternative” on it. I do not need a cheese food alternative, thank you very much. A vegetable food alternative I might be able to get excited about though.

I leave you with a picture I took the other day at an intersection. If you are interested in renting this pole you may call the number listed. Call quick - it’s in a really busy, in-demand intersection...


tornwordo said...

I want a healthy vegetable alternative too. You should have plenty of blog fodder with little miss sunshine there. I can't wait.

Chunks said...

Charge up your camera battery~!

Every time I buy a bag of salad, I think of you Dawn. It's inspiring.

Patricia said...

chipper jen enjoys running.
chipper jen eats healthy food.
chipper jen is a morning person.

you and chipper jen became friends... how???