Tuesday, September 19, 2006



My mother sent me the above link today in an e-mail. It is a geography test in which you drag the names of all the states to their location on the U.S. map. Yeah. I honestly knew 8 of the states. That’s not even a joke. That is very very sad. What went wrong in my education? Shouldn’t I know these? You know what’s weird? I think I could probably name and place all the European countries just fine. But then again there are not as many of them, and lets face it - Italy is a hell of a lot cooler than Nebraska. No offense to Nebraska.

You know what else happened today? The Fall TV season officially kicked off. And my Tivo is officially already tired. I looked at it this evening and I had like 6 shows I had to watch just from today. Good lord that is going to take some time. Summer months are my most productive months because I don’t have 20 hours of TV I have to watch every week. Watching TV is like a part-time job. One that I’m much better at than my full-time job, I might add.

And then if you look at my geography test scores and my TV watching time I think that it becomes very apparent why I don’t know where Nebraska is on the map. I was too busy watching TV to study stupid school things. And can I just tell you (no offense to Nebraska again) but I have gotten by just fine in life not knowing where 40 of the states are. Could I have gotten by as well if I didn’t know who the Huxtables were? Or, god forbid, Brenda and Brandon Walsh? I think no. I would have been a social outcast.

Sitting around telling people where the states are while they talked about how Dylan cheated on Brenda while she was in France. I’m sorry, but Brenda never would have gone to Nebraska, so there was no need to know. France though, France I went ahead and made a mental note about. That and the mental note to never date a troubled rebel on a motorcycle. Especially if he looked as old as Luke Perry did while he was still supposedly in high school. Receding hairlines are a dead give-away for a deadbeat high school senior.


Stephanie said...

So I got 27. A little better but still not good. But I do remember that while in France Brenda used a fake french accent in order to impress Dean Cain (pre superman). And really that's more important than which state is Kentucky.

Patricia said...

hmmmm. you said you knew 8 states. and then you said that you got by just fine not knowing where 40 states were.

you do know that we have 50, right?

i suppose you're going to fall back on the ol' alaska and hawaii are easy but i'm wondering if this isn't just your safety net for getting 2 free states.