Sunday, September 10, 2006

Dog Dressing

It is that time again. The dog needed a new outfit for a new month. Mom was running a bit behind on the dressing of the dog, as it is already the 10th and she hadn't changed him yet. The poor guy was still in his bathing suit and innertube. He definitely has a sunburn by now.

I happened to be at the house when Mom changed the dog, so I took a little video. Mom was unaware that my digital camera could take videos and therefore didn't know I was taking a video. I cannot tell you how happy Mom is about me posting a video of her on the internets. Really. She may disown me. Or at least hide the dog from me - which might be worse.


teri said...

it was good to get a perspective of how big that doggy is. I had him MUCH bigger. Your mom is just as cute as you. I wouldn't blame her if she did disown you. I would recomment that she post some video of you as a toddler running around naked! That is what I would do to my kids!

Dean said...

This is great!
Hi Mom!

The dog is much smaller than expected, which makes him that much more... well, ok cute.

Love the dog!
Love the Mom!

tornwordo said...

I love you giggling helplessly in the background.

Chunks said...

I think the dog needs a top hat and a cane. Maybe a little cape too. You know, for formal occasions.

He is quite a bit smaller than I thought he would be too. Hi Dawn's mom!! I love your dog and am obsessed with his outfits.

Patricia said...

funny how we all made the dog much bigger in our mind's eye. must be to match our feelings for the lil guy.