Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Grown Up

Does anyone else find it wrong that Tom Cruise is dating Joey from Dawson’s Creek? It just doesn’t seem right. Is she even legal? Shouldn’t she be going over her homework with Pacey while tucking her hair innocently behind her ear, or something?

I have trouble when my child actors grow up. They will always be kids in my eyes. One of the actresses in the film I’m working on was in Punky Brewster. How much did I LOVE Punky Brewster? How much did I want to paint my room just like hers and be abandoned at the grocery store so that I too could find an old man who let me wear mismatched socks? God, that was a good show. The only thing I really remember about the show was the “Very Special Episode” where someone got locked inside a refrigerator and I learned that I’m not supposed to play inside of refrigerators. I also learned that apparently some people just have random non-working refrigerators hanging around in their sideyard. Who knew? I did not. But I felt “very special” after learning it, that’s for sure.

So anyways, this actress on the movie is running around in a mini skirt and a tight shirt, while getting hacked to bits. And I just keep thinking that her outfit is inappropriate for a child. I keep forgetting that she is probably my age – and mismatched socks just don’t pay the bills when you get to be my age. So I guess mini skirts are the way to go.

One thing I know for sure – The girl’s been running from an ax murderer while wearing high heels for the past two weeks – I bet she longs for the days when a refrigerator was the biggest threat to her mortality.


Dean said...


Hey come on now. There are plenty of older actresses seeing much younger men.

But on to your blog. I is hard to see your favorite child actors all grown up. The image we are used to is stained by their actions as a grown up. Not everyone can keep on being a child actor like Gary Coleman!


Emmanuel Lewis said...

There are millions of men who are very jealous of of Mr. Top Gun right now...

Yes, it is wrong for Tom Cruise to be dating Katie Holmes, but not because she is still 15 in your mind. It's because he will convince her to become a Scientologist, her IQ will shrink and she'll stop making movies. (There was a rumor in Hollywood that Penelope Cruz's IQ was so low, she thought Scientology was the study of signs.) OK, so that joke works better if you say "Scientology" with a Penelope Cruz accent but whatever, you get it, I hope.

I had great hopes for Joey. Besides my own fawning Katie crush, I also thought she was making some decent movie choices. Stuff like "Pieces of April" "Wonder Boys" and "The Gift" were a nice way to deflect the Joey stigma. Then came fermented crud like "Abandon" "First Daughter" and a stand around-watching-Colin-Farrll-on-the-phone part in "Phone Booth". At least "Batman" is high profile enough to giver her some recognition, but I'm still concerned for her. Because all of the women that go out with Tom Cruise seem to not want to discuss it when it's over. As far as actors and 'tresses that grow up, it is a little odd. I remember watching "Honey" (more enjoyable than "Showgirls" on camp level) and seeing the kid who was the kid in "Big" now all grown up and trying to molest poor Honey. Because she just couldn't figure it out- that all he wanted was to make moves, not use her dance moves. It was a little creepy to see that, yes. So I know what you mean about the grown-up factor. All it really does is make you/us feel older which is why it's so upsetting. I mean, have you seen Punky Brewster lately? She's a full grown woman posing in lots of magazines and getting important roles on shows like "Sabrina" (well, she was). People grow up. So do we. We just don't like it very much.

Harris Bloom said...

Whatchoo talkin' 'bout Dawn?

I may have to see this just for kicks...

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