Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Ode to Blogs

Today I’ll write a poem
A little ode to blogs
Because I’m busy working
And don’t have time for complete thoughts

Blogs are all the rage,
Seems everyone’s a blogger
You can read about the daily doings of your garbarge man
Or the angst of Rosie O’Donnell

Right wing, left wing, west wing
All spew their thoughts online
With political analysis from every yahoo with a laptop
Who even needs to read Time?

Then there are the blogs
That reveal deep dark heartache
Bloggers who think their lost loves
May Google, "Crap my ex is thinking today"

And then there’s my blog
Full of pointless ramblings
You’ll find absolutely nothing on here
That is too earth shattering

But in order to compete
And to not lose my readers' love
I’ll say war seems awfully bad
And man I could use a hug


My pipes are blogged said...

The best hugs are in LA. :-)

Anonymous said...

It doesn't rhyme.

blog cabin boy said...


Anonymous said...

More Laffy Taffy jokes.

Kerry said...

There is so much more to you, now that I see your humble and enlightening poetry. I am a poet too.

Anonymous said...

why are you on a movie set

Finger lickin' goof said...

Are they serving any Chicken and Waffles on the set? Cause that's the only thing that would make it tolerable, for me.

deep fried ranch said...

I wonder why you are forced to write poetry when you could be writing another script. Really now.