Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Movie Magic

Some of my loyal commentators have inquired as to the name of the film I’m working on. It’s called 7eventy 5ive. “75” is a prank phone call game that is played by the kids in the film. The point of the game is to prank call someone and keep them on the phone for 75 seconds by scaring them. So the title of the movie is a reference to the seconds. Or it may be a reference to the age I will be when the movie completes principal photography.

We are running a bit behind.

The other night we were racing against the rising sun, trying to get all the night shots we needed. We spent the better part of 8 hours watching a stunt woman get pushed off a balcony. However, the sun came up just as they were setting up for the final shot of her landing in the bushes. So in the final film she will get pushed off the balcony at night and faaaaaaaaaaall, then land in the bushes the following morning. It will be great.

We might have to reshoot that scene.

We have moved inside this week, onto a set. This is when it starts getting good. The past two weeks we have been shooting the first act of the movie, when all the Pretty People are still pretty and innocent and smiling. From here on out there are going to be less and less Pretty People and more and more blood and screaming. Good times.

The guy who is playing the ax murderer is the most excited of all. He has been hanging around the set for the past two weeks, just waiting to chase people with his ax. He has his costume and his ax and his menacing walk. Now he finally has the Pretty People to be a menace towards.

But he’s going to need to hack them quickly – as we are running behind schedule. None of this dilly dallying around the corpses. One quick chop and be on your way, we’ve got more scenes to shoot.

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Max Weinberg said...

You know the guy with the ax is going to get cut from the final movie. You'll see him for like, 3 seconds and the rest will be on the cutting room computer. I am glad to hear it is only taking 8 hours to shoot a 5 second scene. that's incredible progress. Nothing in this world like job security, right? Well there go my plans to come to Sacramento for Christmas this year, you'll be busy working. I hope you see daylight soon...:-)