Thursday, June 02, 2005

A Story

Working nights this week on the movie.

Get home at 4 a.m.

Grab all my crap out of my car.

Decide to clean the water bottles and useless paperwork out of my car in an effort to keep the mess from getting out of control.

Walk through my back gate.

Throw away water bottles and useless paperwork.

Walk up to my house.

Have no keys to get into my house.

Go back to my car.

Search through my purse for the key/credit card thing that my mom had AAA make for me for when I lock my keys in my car.

Have used this key so many times that it nearly brakes off the card when I try to unlock the door.

Must try 15 times before door finally unlocks.

Look throughout entire car for lost keys.

Cannot find them.

Want to cry.

But do not have the energy.

Contemplate sleeping in the car.

Realize I threw some stuff away.

Go to the garbage can, which is located in a pitch dark area.

Drag garbage can to small light on the ground.

Awaken every dog and pet bird in a ten mile radius with the dragging of the can.

Lay garbage can down.

Start pulling garbage out.

Spot keys on bottom of garbage can.

Must crawl in very large garbage can to retrieve keys.

Return garbage to can, tip can back up, excite the dogs and bird with my noise.

Trip over an unfortunately placed sprinkler head, and fall down while returning the can to its original location.

Start laughing hysterically, while dusting stale lettuce and dirt off my jacket.

The End.


CarrotTop said...

Ah, and now you begin to live the glamorous life...people who think making movies is all fun, games and laxness, learn from dawn. It causes delusion, forgetfulness and the urge to rifle through trash cans, wake up birds and dogs, and contemplate sleeping in your car. For Criminey's sake I hope this movie is good and that you get a big-ass credit (not credit for having a big ass, because you don't, in fact it's quite xxxx well maybe I shouldn't say so on a blog so if you really want to know just aksk me) a credit that is HUGE you know. You will be inviting me to the premiere, right?

Heather said...

Hahaha...I can totally picture you and this entire scenerio. Wish I could've been there. Will this teach you to keep track of your keys, never!

ChumpChange said...

Hey what movie are you working on again?
See ya later girl!