Wednesday, June 22, 2005


Diet not going so well.
There was one birthday on set today.
And four cakes.
A yellow cake.
A chocolate cake.
A strawberry filling cake.
Another white cake.
And cookies.
And ice cream.
And I ate it all.
Then I ate some more.
I also ate some of the carrots from the vegetable tray.
Trying to be healthy.
But dipped them all in quite a bit of ranch dressing.
So I think I might have negated any healthy in the carrots.
Decided that I need to drink lots of water during the day, that will help me not eat as much, and to stay generally healthy and hydrated and what not.
Did not decide this until about 10 pm.
Proceeded to drink 4 bottles of water in an hour.
Had to go to the bathroom every five minutes.
Ate an Oreo cookie on my way back from the bathroom every time.
So far I am not doing so well on the diet.


Juiceman said...

Come on...don't become one of those girls who obsesses about 10 pounds...that's just trite. You are better than this. It's just because you are bored to tears that's all. Soon you'll be back to your old routine of sleep and tv and the ass will be back to its normal round self.
We don't need another blogger obsessing about weight. There are more important things to discuss, really.

Anonymous said...

I LOVE Juiceman's outlook. . . bl

Anonymous said...

Hmm, no surprise that the comment came from a man (an assumption made from his handle). 10 pounds can mean a lot on a person. You go, Dawn! But when can we go to Chevy's again??

Juiceperson said...

No surprise that the comment about a man came from a woman! ;-)

I'm just's really easy to talk about weight and how difficult it is to deal with...why do you think the #1 selling books are always diets? I know 10 pounds can be alot on a person, but I know Dawn is not the type of person who has ever been fixated on this aspect of her life - she's always been busier focusing on movies, tv shows, Rosie, Chevy's chips, ranch dressing, onion ring breading, thin mint cookies, Peter in vegas, writing scripts for the 111th rewrite (really, the last one!). Most of the above things mentioned are food and it's never been a problem before...

I only write these words out of a place of concern and care, so we can all be entertained and not depressed about some movie weight. :-)

dawn said...

I do in fact heart all things lard based and/or deep fried.

I've just been blessed with a metabolism that allows me to eat all that crap and not gain weight. I worry slightly about the consequences of me starting to actually have consequences for my eating habits.

I may have to involve a crane at some point...

Gilbert Grape said...

Oh my goodness if you need a crane will you please let us know in advance so we can at least film the event? it could be the next reality series - "Massive Asses (with the stars)!".

I know you'd be blogging about it the following day, because they would have a celebrity host like Jeff Coulier and he'd crack wise about the techniques that were used to increase the overall ass size in general. It could be a breakthrough in television history!

AM said...

Diets are hard as it is.. add craft services to the equation and it's impossible!