Monday, October 24, 2005

Fun with Disabilities

It turns out that some of the people in my family are quite concerned about my ability to awake from my slumber. Because of my hearing impairment it is impossible for me to hear an alarm clock in the morning. And in the 10 odd years that I have had to wake myself, without the assistance of a parent, I have significantly overslept only one time. And to be honest, that one time I didn’t really want to get up for my appointment anyways, so my subconscious didn’t bother waking me up.

But that one time was enough to send my mother into a panic, “How are you going to wake up in time for your early flight in a couple of weeks?”

I stared at her blankly, “Because I have never caught an early flight in my life? I’ve never woken up for anything early? Do you think I was just getting lucky all those other times?”

Apparently she did. Because the next time I spoke to her she said she had bought me a “present”. It was so exciting she said that she wasn’t going to tell me what it was, I’d have to get it the next time I came over. The big present for this 20-something/happenin’ bachelorette?

A vibrating alarm clock for hearing impaired people. I am so lame I don’t even know how I can possibly go on. You wanna know the saddest part of this story? The picture above isn’t the one my mom bought me. Before I could get to my mom’s house I went over to my aunt’s house where my cousin said, “You have a present!” Then she handed me the vibrating alarm clock.

It isn’t everyday that you receive such a wonderful gift. Unless you are me. Then it’s pretty much every day.


Patricia said...

does your internal clock have a snooze alarm, too? i'm seriously wondering. because mine seems to be broken. if i have to be awake, i'd better set an alarm or else i wake up every hour wondering if i've overslept.
very restful.

BOB said...

More fun things disabled people can do:
I found this amusing.

dawn said...

bob, making fun of me: funny.

making fun of real disabled people: opposite of funny.