Tuesday, October 25, 2005


I don’t have anything to say today that is of any interest. Oh wait, I do have one thing. I recently met a man named Barth. As in B A R T H. As in why would anyone ever go by that name? Ever? I’m assuming that his name is Bartholomew, which in itself is horrible and scarring. But why on earth, with like 12 letters to play with would you shorten your name down to Barth? I know that not everyone can have a name as beautiful and poetic as Dawn, but come on, do you have to go with a name in which you are never sure if people are saying your name or referring to the act of humans regurgitating already eaten food? Really. Barth.

And speaking of morons, I have been warned that not only is my “vacation” location (Honduras) a malaria-ridden, no monkey-petting country, but it has also been finding itself along the path of some hurricanes lately. Man do I know how to pick a vacation destination. Major risk of life-threatening illness – check. No drinkable water – check. Possible ride inside a hurricane as it flies overhead, picking up you and the shelter you are building – check, check.

Does it say anything about my current work situation that I am still looking forward to going? Let’s just say Mother Nature ain’t got nothin’ on a group of political people 15 days before an election. And she sure doesn’t have nearly as much hot air blowing around.


Patricia said...

so if not barth, would you prefer mew? it's a lose-lose situation, corrected only by a trip to a circuit court to legally change his name and emancipate himself from the morons who gave him the name.

I.M. Shipface said...

how about Tholem?

BoB said...

Try going by Bob. Seriously. How do you get Bob out of Robert?
Is that the lamest thing or what? There is no changing once someone has labeled you with something like that because no matter how many times you ask to go by Robert to your friends, your woman will yell out, "Hey, Bob!..." From there it is all downhill and just easier to go by whatever the woman calls you. Hell, I'd answer to Barf if she'd call me that. I've answered to worse.