Monday, October 10, 2005


Here is a picture of a receipt I received at the store the other night:

The first reason for posting it is to prove that I do in fact only shop for Mountain Dew and Bags o’ Salad. As you can see by this receipt I purchased 6 Bags o’ Salad, one 12 pack of Mountain Dew and well, Twinkies. What can I say. I’ve got a weakness for the Twinkies. And I can’t tell you how cute they looked all perched up there, atop the pile o’ salad. Standing firm in their commitment to clogging my arteries and widening my waistline, despite being overwhelmingly outnumbered by salad paraphernalia.

The other reason for showing you this receipt is to see if anyone else has noticed that our grocery receipts are now being categorized for our post-purchasing wrap up party we all have once we get home. I know whenever I get home from shopping I always like to take a look at my receipt and really examine what it was that I bought. And I know that I used to have to categorize my groceries by hand, back in the day. But no more! Now my groceries are categorized for me! God this is exciting stuff.

Not nearly as exciting as the fact that Hostess Twinkies are actually categorized as “Baked Goods”. Yeah. Guess that means there is no “Lard Ass” category.

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receipt categorizer said...

I too, categorize my food after purchase from the grocery store. It is harder to do at places such as Target or Walmart as it all falls under the "I don't need any of this shit but I bought it anyway" category.

The word verification this time is nunsalad. Coincidence? I think not. What is a Nuns Alad anyway?