Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Child Labor

This being a mom stuff is quite time consuming. It is not good when you are left in charge of someone who has just as many social engagements as you do. She is putting quite a cramp in my schedule. The most noticeable cramp is the fact that I’m up at 8:30 in the morning. This can’t be healthy, it really can’t.

Unfortunately for the kid I seem to be cramping her schedule a little more than she is cramping mine. She spent Sunday afternoon hunkered under a blanket in the rain while I played soccer and yesterday was forced to sit in my office while I attempted to get 3265 things done in what is one of the busiest times of year at work. When she left for school yesterday she said she hated school, I said it was better than working, she said she didn’t think so, then when we were at my office she said, “You were right, this sucks.” Then we had a hug and music swelled, just like on Full House. I’m such a lesson-teacher.

As far as actually taking care of the kid, she doesn’t take much. She’s ten years old for gods sake, she’s pretty self-reliant. I go to make her breakfast and she pushes me out of the way and starts cooking (children have such great instincts about things). I got up the other day and she had cleaned my devastated work area as well as the dishes that were in the sink. She even makes coffee in the morning. She normally gets $5 as an allowance every week. I offered to double her salary if she came and worked for me at my house. Hell, she could even bring that horrible recorder if she cleans my dishes. Screw illegal immigrants, I think children are the cheap labor of the future. I’m very forward-thinking.


Chunks said...

Ten is a magical age for sure! Now twelve, there's where the challenge begins. Keep her for two years max, then find yourself another ten year old.

Glad to hear that things are going well. I'm glad she has good self-preservation instincts! ahah!

Patricia said...

clearly. i gotta get me one of those 10 year olds.