Thursday, May 11, 2006


I passed two writing deadlines earlier this week and as a result I have no more words left to type. It’s a tragedy really, but I only have so many words and when I have to put so many of them onto paper (or onto screen, as it were) I am left with nothing for the blog world. I do hope you understand. I’ve tried to come up with something to blog about, but damn if I’m not completely void of any thoughts right now. If you want to know what thoughts I had a few days ago, when thoughts were last seen roaming my brain, you can buy my book in December. Until then, you’ll just have to trust me that I did in fact have some thoughts. And they were brilliant. I’m sure of it.


Patricia said...

ok there'll be no more of this book writing crap, i don't care how famous you get. we were here first and by blog, we want to read your daily trevails!

Harris Bloom said...

When's your completed manuscript due?

That's a really fast turnaround for a book that's gonna be out by December