Monday, May 01, 2006

Sports Center

This weekend included quite a bit of writing. Man do I love writing. It is so much fun.

But! A girl also has to get out of the house every once in awhile, or a girl will go insane. And a girl will literally run out of thoughts. Which is not a good thing for a girl to do in week one of Book Writing Bonanza 2006.

So then. The sun is out, the rain has gone away, and the town is once again safe for rec sports. Whether or not my teams are ready for the rec sports? That is still up for debate.

We will start with softball. Oh dear lord. Our team hasn’t played in about a year and that fact was made abundantly clear on Friday night. I think we ended up losing by 6 runs, but I don’t really know how that is possible. It had to be more than that. Cause they just kept scoring, over and over and over again. They kept scoring about as often as we made errors. It’s as if they might be related.

It didn’t help matters that 5 of our regular guys were otherwise engaged on Friday night and couldn’t make it out to the big opening day. This left me calling up random people, “Hey, are you bringing your wife to the game right now?” “Uh, yeah.” “Well, put on some tennis shoes, you are playing.” “Well, I have to change and get ready.” “Dude, it’s softball. There is no getting ready, there is just showing up for an hour and then beer drinking afterwards (for those who are not participating in Book Writing Bonanza 2006).”

It took quite some time for our team to get up to bat, because the other team was up first. And they just kept hitting the ball. And scoring. And scoring some more. When we did finally get up to bat we extended our stellar performance to the offense as well. At least four people pulled major leg muscles and several players looked like they had just taken a shower they were sweating so bad. Uh, this is rec softball. There is no sweating in rec softball. Personally, the highlight of my game was when I was running to first base and the girl playing first dropped the ball on the baseline. Being as though I’m so speedy and unable to stop this bullet of a body I ran smack into her head with my thigh. Sure my thigh is a rock solid piece of muscle, but heads are pretty hard too, as it turns out.

So the game basically included the other team scoring a lot of runs and our team pulling a lot of muscles. In attendance at the big game we had three of the players’ babies and one player dog. This is a group of people I graduated high school with. When we became old, I do not know. But it is alarming.

And then soccer. Soccer ain’t for sissy’s kids, let’s just put that out there. I don’t care how in shape you are, doing 50 yard sprints every other minute for 90 minutes? No bueno. This week we again did not have any girl subs, so I was again forced to play two 45 minute halves. Oy. And that rainy weather we had? It’s gone and has been replaced by discouraging hotness. Spring was a fun season. All three days of it.

So we started off pretty well, in the first half we scored 6 goals. Which was good, cause the odds were very high that we would begin to fall apart at the seams during the second half. And that we did. First of all one of the girls had to leave. Leaving us one girl down. Then one of the girls severely pulled a muscle that she had pulled during softball on Friday (who pulls muscles at softball, seriously). Then one of the guy fullbacks decided to stop a goal by using his hand to bat it down. Apparently that is frowned upon in soccer and he was ejected from the game. So then, if you are keeping track, we were down two players. And the female players we actually had? Very very tired and thirsty. Toward the end of the game we had all but one person playing defense, trying desperately to protect our 5 point lead that had dwindled down to a mere point. You know why there are usually only 4 defenders? Cause it gets a little crowded back there with 7. Who knew?

We actually ended up winning, which is good. But it was not pretty.

And now I’m back at the computer, typing away at my manifesto. Perhaps I should get a shack in the woods to really get into the writing spirit? Sure it was a little off of that Ted Kaczynski to send bombs in the mail. But I think what proved that he was really crazy was the fact that he actually finished such a long piece of writing without the motivation of a publication date. Now that’s crazy...


Chunks said...

My husband tore his Achille's tendon playing softball. He was running to second when he felt it pop, so he just kept running. (Dork!)

I admire your athleticism, however I don't understand it. Why would you run after a black and white ball when you can sit back and eat Cheezies and watch a crazy reality show or something?

Will we get a sneak preview of the contents of your manifesto?

Patricia said...

i'm with chunks. we'll meet ya at the bar after the game.