Thursday, May 04, 2006

For My Entertainment

Mom’s are such buzzkills.

We went to go pick out my upgrades for the new condo this morning.

I had a certain amount of money that the builder had given me to spend.

I was just under that number when I saw these:

Remote Control Blinds????!!!!

Oh. My. God.

I want them.

I asked the lady how much they are.

She thinks I’m high.

But she checks anyways.

They are like 3 grand for two windows.

I have considerably more than 2 windows in my condo.

Man do I want these things.

I’d use these a hell of a lot more than the damn stove, maybe I could trade?

My mother says I can’t have the blinds.

I say, "I’m going to be so broke from buying this condo that all I’m going to be able to do is actually sit in the condo, and that’s it. I need things like the remote control blinds to entertain me."

She points out that I can be entertained for far less money.

She might have a point:

For some reason the dog doesn’t have a May outfit.It’s one of life’s mysteries, really.

So mom and I started mismatching.

What we came up with is what looks like a retiree in Florida.

What that has to do with May, I do not know.

But guess what?I’m entertained by it.

So maybe mom has a point.


Anonymous said...

Loving Fido's duds, it's like "springtime in Florida", too funny! Especially the shades-too much-haha.
Damn you are funny, and I agree, the blinds are sweet. Devo

Frito Bandito said...

Is it really that much of a problem to pull a string to let the sun in? Very cool, but very pointless. Kind of like the people who put peanut butter and jelly in the same jar.

I can't believe you could not find a sombrero for the dog. poor mas celabración para cinco de mayo.

Dean said...

i think we should look for a shuffle board game for your Mom's dog!!!

As for the blinds... Cool! How Much?! Your Mom's right. :<

Perhaps some homeless guy would stand there and raise your blinds on command for a sandwhich or something.

Chunks said...

Being a buzzkill myself, I totally understand why your mom is trying to steer you away from those crazy expensive blinds! Ya gotta love that dog though! I may go through your dog posts and print myself up a funny and cute!