Tuesday, May 02, 2006

On Location

Tonight I am blogging from a remote location. In a place where technology hasn’t quite caught up with modern day. Am I once again traveling the world? Uh, no. I’ve traveled to my mother’s house, where the internet is dial-up and the computer is a snail. A snail without spell check. It very well might be sometime next week before this post actually posts, and there is no telling how many words will actually be spelled correctly. Just so you know.

So why the sleepover at Mom’s? Well, we have an appointment near her house tomorrow in the single-digit A.M. hours and I just thought I might be able to save myself some precious minutes of sleep if I crashed here tonight. I don’t deal with the A.M. hours so well. It’s not in my nature.

So what is our big appointment tomorrow? We are going to pick out stuff for the condo I bought. The builder offered me a bunch of money in upgrades, so it’s gonna be a big morning of tile and carpet and cabinets. Oh yes kids. It’s a big week. In the past week someone gave me a book deal and someone else allowed me to buy a condo. Something is obviously askew in the universe and in the general decision-making skills of people in powerful positions, but I’m trying to make the most of it. Unfortunately the buying of the condo and the book getting published are in no way related. So that leaves me with the small but significant detail of how I plan on paying for said condo. Let me know if you have any ideas.

One idea I had was to use my upgrade incentive money to buy as many sellable items as I can. “Exactly how many refrigerators can I buy for the condo?” “When you say ‘built-in’ desk, is there any possible way you could mean ‘removable for sale’ desk?” I think this is a great idea and it will definitely help out for the first few months of trying to make a mortgage payment. “Someone help me take down this ceiling fan, it’s almost the first of the month.”

Oh, man am I funny. It would be even more funny if it weren’t a little bit true. Financial ruin isn’t that big of a deal right? Do you think I can take my tile when I go into foreclosure? I’ll check on that tomorrow…


Patricia said...

congrats on becoming a homeowner. a condo, tile, writing a book. careful, you almost sound like a grownup.

oh and the trip to mom's best not be without an update of the ceramic dog. i just need to make sure he isn't being made to suffer the bunny ears well into the month of may. does he have a cinco de mayo outfit? really, how hard could a sombrero be?

Chunks said...

Well, congratulations on all the good things! If I have to be poor due to my house, then so do you! hahah!

We will be seeing pictures, right?

Anonymous said...

The roomate must be devasted! Who will she hide the dog on?? If she is smart, she will find a way to get that dog in your place before you move in! Go Jody!

Also, you will be spending less because the heating bill will alot cheaper. Good luck.