Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Push Pop

No time to write tonight. On deadline for next New York Times Best Seller. (Hoping that New York Times only requires my mom and two friends to buy a copy in order to list me on Best Seller list.)

Instead of writing I offer you this picture I took at the grocery store the other night:

What the? Fear Factor Push Pops? With EYE BALLS coming out of them? Who the HELL is working in the “New Product” department of these damn companies? I mean really. I’m all for cross promoting things. I get that Shrek needs to be stenciled on even frozen chicken when he has a new movie coming out. Sure he is a big oger, but he’s also somewhat cute and has a fun accent. So I don’t mind that he turns the inside of my Twinkies green for a few months. But I really think there is better entertainment programming from which to draw food than Fear Factor. What marketing genius sat around watching Fear Factor and said, “Hey, you know what would make an awesome tie-in with this show about people being forced to eat disgusting things like insects and testicles? Perhaps a push-pop.”

Whenever I see something this horrible in theory and in execution I always think of the amount of people who had to say, “Yes! Best idea EVER!” in order for this product to actually get made. I mean, there were MEETINGS about this. There were probably a variety of different designs for the cover, not to mention countless goings back and forth about what would actually push out of the pop, “Intestines!” “How bout an eye!” “No, testicles!”

If the whole writing thing doesn’t work out at least I know there are always jobs in marketing departments.


tornwordo said...

They are really thinking outside the box these days arent' they. Don't you feel elevated? Snicker.

Chunks said...

I wonder if you can get those in Canada? My kids would probably think they were cool!

See, I am their target market ...housewife with no imagination. That's right, I'm bad.

Patricia said...

well at least i learned something from the package. evidently, eyeballs and blood and such are not only fat-free, but contain vitamin c.