Friday, May 26, 2006


I think I missed a day of blogging. I’m ever so sorry. I do so hope y’all survived without the details of my exciting life to keep you warm. Tragically you are going to remain cold, as I don’t have many details to share. Sadly, since pawning off the child my life has not been filled with the standard good times and debauchery that is supposed to follow such abandonment of responsibilities and impressionable children. It seems that I was driven away by more than merely my discomfort with the child’s sleeping patterns - it seems as though there is also that pesky work thing that needs to be attended to.

Can I just tell you how many things I’ve made pretty this week? So many things. That’s what I do you know, I make things pretty. So that people might actually want to look at the piece of propaganda that is being sent to them. “Oh look! Pretty colors! I bet this is something worth investigating further! Because it’s so pretty! And bright! And symmetric!” Yeah. I might be a little delusional about my ability to turn junk mail into art. But whatever.

So that’s what I’ve been doing this week, trying to sway the voters of nearby districts. You know what I realized? I bought a condo in a city where we have quite a few political clients...which means I am effectively going to be bombarding MYSELF with junk mail. Oh cruel irony!

In keeping with today’s pointless political theme I present you with the Best Lawn Sign Ever:

One of the things I do for my political peeps is design lawn signs. How did I never think to do away with all these silly computers and printers and laminator/sign thingys and simply recommend that the client grab some old manila folders and some spray paint and make their effective marketing tools themselves? I love this so much, you really have no idea. Do you see the sign behind it? That is a regular lawn sign. But this guy decided to go against the grain (and good judgement) and make his own signs. No one will accuse this guy of frivolous spending, this I know for sure. Do you know why I know this for sure? Cause if you look closely you can see that he is actually using USED manila folders. I. LOVE. IT.


Patricia said...

me thinks he's been sampling the beverage for which he was named.

and that whole skipping a day thing. please do not make it a habit.

Laura said...

I know that Rob Roy guy. He is student from Davis. You would think after having a "quality" education you might learn a few things or two. Like not using folders and blue paint to make a sign for a real political campaign. I hope he wins...

Trav said...

A whole weekend without your blog. I am having withdrawals.