Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Impending Violence

I am writing this blog as a warning to anyone who has anything to do with automated help lines at any company in the world. I will be doing my best to obtain a firearm and then I will slowly and methodically hunt down every one of you and your damn computerized voice people. Do not say that I didn’t give you a heads up. I think it’s a fair game now.

Honestly. I do not understand why it needs to be so complicated to get connected to a real person with a real voice who is sitting in front of a real computer that has real information that might be even a little bit helpful. How exactly is it that I can spend 40 minutes on my phone with the PHONE COMPANY and not once in that time be able to talk to one person who can help me set up a new account for my new condo? This doesn’t seem like a outlandish request on my part, does it? Why why why why why can’t EVERY person in the damn company access the same damn information in the computer? Why must I be transferred to 4 people to get any help? And then why do they just happen to disconnect my call when I finally get to that person? I mean, are they WANTING a shooting spree at their headquarters? Do they think that might liven things up a bit? Cause the only thing I accomplished in an hour on the phone with the phone company is an increased hatred of said phone company and an overwhelming shift in my opinion on gun-control laws.

Lord help me.


tornwordo said...

Get a Skype phone. That'll show em.

Chunks said...

Be five minutes late paying your phone bill, they'll be calling YOU and then you can get everything switched.

I feel your pain. Write a letter. Threaten to switch carriers. Don't you talk on that thing constantly? They should respect you more, demand it! (Haha I am NOT condoning a killing spree though!)

Patricia said...

so you spend three thousand dollars a month on your cell phone that might just be a terrorist contraption and you need a land line, too? that's a lotta talking.