Thursday, August 24, 2006

Feng Shui

I read somewhere that putting your purse on the floor is bad feng shui. I’m not sure where I read it, but I’m sure that I never forgot it. It has something to do with the money being sucked out of the bottom of your purse, or something. Who understands feng shui and all its corners that stab people and what not. I don’t know that I believe in feng shui, but I do know that I believe that I’m superstitious as all hell and haven’t put my purse on the floor since I read the article. And if I ever see someone else’s purse on the floor I immediately elevate it. Which, by the way, leads to some questioning looks from other people, who think that possibly I am stealing their purse right in front of them. But then I explain that, no, it’s just bad feng shui to put your purse on the ground because the ground sucks the money out. And then the looks get more questioning.

But for as silly as it sounds I have to say that since I’ve elevated the purse I’ve also increased my income. So there you go. But then again, I’ve also increased my workload. Which I resent. I wish someone would write a feng shui article on where to put my purse in order for it to receive unearned money. Please let me know if you see that article.

It’s a funny thing doing freelance work. Sometimes you can have literally 10 projects going on at one time and then sometimes weeks and months go by and no one wants anything made pretty. The world is ugly during those weeks apparently. Or it’s very busy taking in all the pretty I made in the previous weeks. Who knows. But I really think that my freelance clients all talk to each other and decide at the very same time to call with jobs. “Hey, I was thinking of sending Dawn a huge project, wanted to make sure you were on board with some work as well.” “Yes, we’ve got 5 pamphlets that need to be designed by tomorrow.” “Great, that’s perfect timing.”

So this week has been one of those weeks. Not that I mind. I’m a homeowner, I can use all the work I can get. But it’s a weird thing, when you go weeks with no calls and then all of a sudden you get three calls a day. Plus election season is starting to gear up, so I’m about to be buried in political mail for the next two months. It’s going to be an exciting time. Try to prepare yourself for the entertaining blogs that will come when all I do for two straight months is sit in front of my computer (and occasionally take a break to pay my mortgage).

But then you know what I’m doing after those two crazy months? Taking off to save the world again. Yes I am. I enjoy saving the world. It is good times. Although it doesn’t pay that well, I actually pay it, which is another reason I will be working my ass off for the next couple months.

Speaking of saving the world, we are going back to New Orleans for a week at the beginning of November. Then we are going down to Guatemala for 10 days of Spanish classes, volunteering and culture. If you or anyone you know is interested in going we are always looking for more people, the only requirement is that you are laid back and have a good sense of humor. Manual labor and close living conditions require that much. I’m organizing the trip myself so it won’t be very expensive. E-mail me for more details.

Or if you have any work you need me to do.

Oh, and go pick your purse up off the floor.


Chunks said...

You need your own reality show. Seriously.

I leave my purse wherever, on the counter, on a chair, and sometimes on the floor. I am always losing it. I wish someone would be there to pick it up for me.

You need to design yourself a "Saving the World" logo, like Superman's "S" or Spiderman's "Spider". Maybe it could be a silouette of a purse filled with cash. You could embroider it on to a t-shirt. Sell the t-shirts at CafePress and make enough to pay your mortgage in lean times.

Patricia said...

that's it. i'm building a shelf right up near the ceiling so that when i walk in, i can drop off my purse. as far away from the floor as possible.

who knew all these years i've been broke because the floor was sucking away all my money.

thank god you read that article. would it have killed you to pass it on a little sooner?

Lightning Bug's Butt said...

Something similar for me: the less I worry about money, the more I seem to have.

Are you a graphics artist or something? Tell me about those pamphlets. All really good and dangerous ideas begin in pamphlets.

tornwordo said...

I would love to join you to save the world, but November is smack in the middle of the semester. January, and I'm in.

And chunks is right, you should be on TV.

Stephanie said...

That explains why I'm so poor. I like Patricia's shelf idea. Good luck saving the world. If I had known about this whole purse thing sooner maybe I would've been able to afford saving the world too.