Tuesday, August 29, 2006


I walk very slow. The ducks are running circles around me.

The only good thing about regular walking? I took two children to an amusement park yesterday and had a hell of a lot more stamina than they did. I was the one with the money and the keys to the car, so they had to keep up with me. This wore them down. And that is the entire goal of going to an amusement park with children.

So walking isn't all bad.

You know what is kinda bad though? Rollercoasters when you are still popping pain pills for your jacked up neck. But man are they fun. (The rollercoasters and the pills)

You know what is not that much fun though? Draw bridges. Seriously, what century are we in when I am stopped on a friggin highway because a draw bridge is being drawed, or whatever, because boat has to pass? I was just going to take my horse and buggy off the beaten path and not wait in the silly line, but then I remembered that it's the year 2006 and I am driving a CAR and yet still waiting for a friggin' BOAT to pass under a draw bridge. This seems ridiculous to me.

I might not get out of the city much.

But given my car's tendency to go spinning across the freeway I tend to shy away from two lane highways. That and two lane highways involve stopped traffic for 10 minutes because of boats. The countryside is over-rated.


Patricia said...

awww c'mon. drawbridges are quaint! what's just plain wrong? roller coasters. they make me far too vomitous. fun pills, or not.

Chunks said...

Rollercoasters are bad magumba. Bridges are not. Well, ice bridges are. Imagine living in a place you could only cross when it was winter and 40 below? A draw bridge would seem lovely then, wouldn't it?

Not that I live near an ice bridge.

tornwordo said...

I can't do roller coasters anymore. Nausea and neck pain is all I get now. Draw bridges are evil.