Wednesday, August 16, 2006


I started walking yesterday. Because I am supposedly training for a half marathon in October. How I got talked into this I do not know. But it’s good for me. I need to move my body more. And the company is great. The weather is even nice. But DUUUUDE. Walking is boring. Now, running isn’t exactly a party on wheels, but somehow it doesn’t seem as boring as the walking. I think because walking takes longer to do, so you are even more aware of the fact that you really do not have enough thoughts to keep yourself mentally entertained for hours at a time. Thank god I’m training with other people, because lord help me if I had to walk by myself.

I was never a fan of running with other people because I hate running and didn’t feel the need to share the experience with anyone. That and the fact that when people run together they usually talk, and when I’m running I can barely breathe, let alone talk. Oh, and the other fact that I run without my hearing aides and therefore can’t hear what the other person is saying anyways. Basically I don’t like to run with other people.

But there is no way I could do this walking without other people, I would lose my head in boredom. Good god. It’s all enough to make me long for running. Which is saying A LOT. But until the doctors figure out what is wrong with my knee, I shouldn’t be running on it. And therefore I am stuck doing all this boring walking.

So hopefully I will get over this boredom and be able to get through 13 miles in October. Funny thing is, I’ve actually walked 13 miles in a marathon before. They were just after I’d run 13 and my knee finally stopped functioning. There will be no 13 miles ever that will be as horrible as those 13 - with me dragging my damn leg for hours on end. But then again the pain, heat, pain, frustration and crying kept my mind busy, so I wasn’t all that bored. So that was good.


Lightning Bug's Butt said...

Once I hiked 12 miles. That's as close as I want to get to a marathon.

But I do love a good walk.

Anyway, good luck with that half a marathon.

tornwordo said...

I did a ten k once. I truly thought I would perish. The podiatrist told me that I should never run again a few years ago. You have no idea how much I love that man.

Patricia said...

one word: ipod.

and don't walk the same route every day, it's old before it even begins.

this is partly why i got a dog. because yelling at her to stop chewing sticks and stopping to pick up her poop and watching her trip over her own feet. these are all things that distract me enough that i can walk for an hour at a time without realizing it.

but 13 miles of walking? you're gonna need several dogs. perhaps carring the ceramic one would serve as an adequate distraction, as well.

we're all here to help.

Anonymous said...

I hear Plumbcots are good nutrition while walking, make sure you pick some up in the store next time you go to get bagels.

Anonymous said...

I think the fact that you committed to this thing in October and are not even sure if you can run is a sure sign of the true optimism of youth, and what a splendid thing it is I say! I like to plod/jog, and even once did a 10K but I am getting old now and would have to train for 6 months just to be able to run the whole thing consecutively. Just don't permanently wreck the knee, ok? You'll regret it when you're old like the rest of us!!! We need to see some photos of the new condo please!!! Devo