Monday, August 21, 2006

The Park

Good News: I’ve been walking a lot.
Bad News: A lot of that has been at a park downtown.
Why this is Bad News: Because there is a Chinese food restaurant right next to that park that pumps it chow mein goodness out into the air and lures me into calling in a Chinese food order while walking around the park.

Good News: Walking isn’t as boring as I first thought. This is because it involves a lot of talking and gossiping about people.
Bad News: Moving at a “conversational pace” makes our average mile time roughly 45 minutes or something equally ridiculous.

Good News: When you are moving at such a slow pace you are given plenty of time to take in the surroundings.
Better News: The park we are walking at has a lot to take in.
Example of the Better News: In one day we saw a group of roughly 10 jugglers, 5 unicyclers and a lady with a pet rat. (Who apparently takes the pet rat jogging with her.)

This is what I love about parks in downtown-like areas. You get a nice mix of the crazy and the cute. Sure, we’ve got the adorable kids and dogs and couples picnic-ing. But then you also have the whinos and the people talking to themselves and the people who are talking to and petting their pet rat. At least I think it was a pet. Awesome.


Chunks said...

You are such a balanced person with your good news/bad news post! You have to love a place that features winos, children and Chinese food! Sounds lovely.

Patricia said...

you should freelance for the chamber of commerce. all the hotels will be filled, with a write-up like this. a nice mix of crazy and cute. what's not to love?