Thursday, August 10, 2006

Yet Another Homeless Update

Today I am still homeless. But I am a little closer to my ultimate goal of living in the home I now own, so we are making progress here. I went to go pick up my keys today and they gave me a bunch of keys. All very exciting. Except for the small, but rather significant, detail that none of the keys would open the doors to my condo. If I want to go swimming in the pool? I’m all set. If I need to check my mailbox? Ready to go. Hell, even if I want to open my garage door, I’m fully equipped. But if I want to ENTER my house? Not so much.

At this point I really don’t care. Things have gone so far off track on the whole “trying not to be homeless” thing that I just have to laugh at it now and figure that it will eventually work out. Eventually I will have access to my condo and eventually I may even live there. But did I mention that my aunt is cooking for me while I stay at her house? Unless my new place comes with a cook I doubt it is going to be as exciting as the place I’m staying. So there’s no rush really.

And speaking of homelessness - I am very sad for people who are actually homeless, because that must mean they have nowhere to go. I am very lucky to have had every person I know offer me a place to crash this week. It would take me about 2 years to take them all up on their offers and move on from each place after I wore out my welcome and ate all their food. It’s good to know that if ever get kicked out of this new condo or heaven forbid I try to buy another place someday and end up homeless again, I always have couches to crash on. And many of them come with high speed internet. I know this because many people felt the need to list the various benefits of staying in their home. None of them could match the home-cooked meal/high-speed internet/my own room/my favorite young person lives there combo that my aunt’s house provided. That’s not to say that those other couches aren’t still on the list and might be called upon during my next homeless spell.

Have a great weekend and hopefully next time I write it will be from my actual home. I know. I dream so big.


tornwordo said...

Good luck! Though aunties house sounds mighty cozy too.

Stephanie said...

If I had someone cooking for me, I'd ride that homeless thing out for as long as possible. :)

Chunks said...

Are you going to get your own ceramic dog for your new house? You really should. Maybe you will get lucky and your mom will buy you one as a housewarming gift!

I can't wait until you are posting pictures of your new digs! I think I am more excited for you than you are!!