Wednesday, August 02, 2006

I Might Be a Little Out of Control

So then. I just took out a loan for 100's of thousands of dollars. So what is a few more grand really? It’s nothing really. Well, it’s quite a bit of furniture actually, if we are going to get detailed about it, but details are not important. What is important is that I’m not going to be able to afford to do anything besides sit in my house for the next five years or so. And therefore I think it isn’t a bad idea to pimp that house out with all new furniture. ESPECIALLY when said furniture doesn’t have to be paid for until 2009, for god’s sakes. It’s almost like free furniture. Sorta. Until 2009 at least. Then it becomes decidedly less free. But again, we are not focusing on details right now, we are going on a spending spree right now. Check in later if you are looking for reality and responsibility-ness.

So basically I decided to furnish my whole condo with new furniture. Anyone in the market for some old furniture? Cause I got quite a bit of it. I’m thinking the two car garage at my new place is going to come in very handy, seeing as though I’m not actually moving 95% of my stuff into my new place. I’m sure the movers will be glad to hear that. Well, the first movers. There are going to be other movers bringing the new stuff. Quite a few other movers actually. I got quite a bit of stuff, I don’t know if I’ve mentioned that.

It is very weird being able to get my credit approved for this new stuff, I’ve had such bad credit for so long I never even thought to get anything on credit, I’ve been living in a cash-based world the past 7 years or so. It’s a nice world. But it is one that puts silly limitations on stuff - words like “affordability” come in to play more in this world than they do in the credit-based world. In the cash-based world I could only buy things that I could actually afford at that very moment based on what was in my bank account. Now that silly word has flown out the window and been replaced by “credit approved”. I enjoy those words.

It was a very weird process to get to those words though. I was at the furniture store and they were running my credit and the credit lady on the phone wanted to ask me some questions to see if I was who I said I was. Did she ask me normal things like my mother’s maiden name? No, she asked me how old Cindy Dais was. Uh. There is no Cindy Dais. It was a trick question. Cause if I wasn’t me, I might actually try to guess Cindy’s age, thinking that she was maybe a relative or something. And then she gave me a street name and 4 options of what county that street was in. It was a street I lived on in like 1997. Good god. I knew it sounded familiar, but seriously, I moved like 458713 in my early 20's, who remembers where the streets were? Thank god it was multiple choice, because I knew I hadn’t lived in three of the options. After I answered those two questions they gave me all the furniture for free. It was like a game show. Sorta. Except where you have to pay for all your prizes in 2 years. But still. Pretty exciting.


tornwordo said...

I know the feeling. I lived on a cash only basis for ten years. Now, they are falling all over me to extend credit.

Chunks said...

Credit is an important thing when you are a homeowner. In for a dime, in for a dollar, I always say! I can't wait to see pictures of your pimped out place!

Patricia said...

buying all new furniture. the phrase makes me drool. what a dream!

the credit test sounds like a joke. i mean with all the technology and encryption that exists today, they make up family members to see if they can trip you up?