Monday, August 14, 2006


I’m in the condo. As we speak there is a man on the side of my building trying to hook up my Dish Network. Add it with this:

And I’m officially starting to feel like my house is a home. It has been very quiet in here because I haven’t had TV for like three whole days. I know, it’s been a very trying time. Thank god I moved during the summer months, when the TV isn’t as good. If I had to move during a sweeps month or something crazy like that? I wouldn’t have made it.

So far things are going okay. I spent the weekend unpacking all of my boxes (including the new TV box) and now I’m officially moved in with everything in it’s place. Well, if by “in it’s place” I mean “stuffed in whatever closet was nearest to the place it should probably be eventually”. I was going for “out of sight, out of looking like I’m not finished unpacking”.

Yesterday I had my first visitors:

It’s a long story that involves my fire alarms going off repeatedly and me physically tearing them off the wall because they were shattering my already disabled eardrums. Then the story included my father thinking that perhaps there was a reason that the fire/carbon dioxide alarm was going off and that perhaps tearing them off the wall wasn’t the way to deal with the reason. So then the homebuilder people recommended calling the fire department because they might be able to save me from the carbon dioxide. Then the firemen came and basically stood around and said that they don’t have a way of detected carbon monoxide and then they tested the alarms and looked firemen-ish and then they left.

It was quite an exciting weekend.


shope. said...

firemen make everything better.

Anonymous said...

wow! Lucky girl! I could really use some firemen right now....I mean...I need my fire alarm tested too.....can you send them my way!! :)

tornwordo said...

High drama! Happy new condo, you.

Stephanie said...

Cool TV and Firemen! You are like the luckiest girl alive! If you need advice on summer TV to tide you over, just let me know.

Chunks said...

Ah firemen!

More pics of more condo-ish things.

Patricia said...

you didn't mention what caused the alarms to go off. just tell us. you were cooking, weren't you?

i hear firemen eat pretty good. perhaps they'd be willing to give you lessons.

happy home sweet home.

fAMOuS said...

Nice set! Congrats on finally making it in and over the threshold.