Wednesday, August 16, 2006


I might need to go grocery shopping. What do you think? I basically only have Mountain Dews and salsa. My mom and dad brought over the Diet Pepsi and the beer to assist them in assisting me in unpacking. I really should go to the store. Or something. It’s quite sad how little food I have in here. But seriously, I moved into the middle of Retail Heaven, where there is every single food place I could ever want within about two blocks of me. It’s convenient. And a little dangerous. I could be 400 pounds by like November.

Tonight I put off the grocery shopping by returning to my aunt’s house. She fed me. I wonder at what age it becomes pathetic that I only eat real food at relative’s houses? Hmm. Don’t answer that. I will have you know, I did not go over to the house JUST to eat, although I knew that eating was probably going to occur, and I wasn’t exactly upset about this.

I went over to my aunt’s house because it was the kid’s birthday and she invited me over for cake. Because I never turn down cake I went on over. I got there quite a ways into her little party with a couple of her friends. They had already returned from the scavenger hunt my aunt sent them on. As they were eating their cake I noticed that they each had a pile of one dollar bills next to them. I asked them where they got the cash and they all said, “The scavenger hunt.” I was like, “People just GAVE you money?” “No, we got all the things on the list so we got a bonus.” “Cash?” “Yeah, we got a dollar for everything on the list and then if we got all 20 we got a ten dollar bonus.” I looked to my aunt, she shrugged, “I didn’t feel like buying stupid prizes.” This is what happens when a bookkeeper plans party games.

I’m thinking that the kid is going to have a lot of people wanting to come to her birthday party next year when the word gets out that it is a money-making venture.


tornwordo said...

That's hysterical. Lazy party giving 101. Oddly enough, it's probably the coolest idea because the kids imagine the PILES of candy they can buy with the money. So cute.

Patricia said...

i could go for one of those invitations.

and i seriously love your new fridge. just so you know... this is something people get excited about.

heathweb said...

my question is what is a single beer doing in your fridge? did you offer the others to the firefighters?

Chunks said...

I've held many a children's party and the cash idea is the best I've ever heard of! (Why didn't I think of it?!) That would be way cheaper than buying prizes!!

We don't have dollar bills anymore in Canada, which is sad because there's nothing like paper money.

Want some applesauce for your empty fridge? It's organic and home-made. By moi.