Monday, August 07, 2006

Still Not So Much With Home

I'm bouncing around.

Home to home.

I'm a wanderer, really.

I have wandered to a new home tonight, because my parents' home doesn't have high speed internet, or the ability to allow me to answer my e-mails, I don't know why. Therefore I had to hit the road - in search of internet that met my high speed needs.

I'm kinda high maintenance for a homeless person.

I'll keep you posted on my efforts to be with home. It's going just smashingly so far, as you can see.


Dean said...

I don't know about anyone else, but the suspense is KILLING me!

Chunks said...

I can see the headline now:

"High Maintenance Homeless Person Seeks Shelter (and High Speed Internet with Full Email Access)"

You are pretty funny for a homeless person!

Patricia said...

oh man this is soooo not good. what the hell is going on???

i've seen the "will work for food" signs. i'll know it's you when i see the "will work for t-1 line"

i hope your nomadic time comes to a happy end soon.

Anonymous said...

I knew it would come to this--thrown over for DSL. --mom

tornwordo said...

You poor thing. Maybe this is supposed to be fodder for a new book?

You know how I love bitter.